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Principal : Clinton Grant
Total no of students : 765
Educational Climate : BELOW AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : LOW
Student Teacher Ratio : 12
Start Date : 09/02
End Date : 06/27
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Overall Experience   2013-10-01
I think that because my school is so diverse, it's prepared me for all the people I'll eventually encounter out in the real world. I'm on good terms with most of my teachers, the courses are interesting, and there's an extracurricular out there for everyone.

Teachers   2016-05-01
i will say the teacher here are the best. they listen and really help each student that need the help. I'm happy to be in this school. because they don't let you down when they need your help.

Teachers   2014-10-01
The teachers are really nice and care about their students. If you miss work they'll give you the work and let you have time to finish it.

Academics   2014-10-01
The best class for me was band and percussion. It's hard to have a schedule you want if you're also going to tech.

Academics   2013-10-01
The school offers AP and honors classes, as well as regents classes, as well as various electives in the arts, music, and finance, and a college-level Spanish program.

Educational Outcomes   2014-10-01
Right now I'm attending Suffolk Community College because my parents can't afford to send me to the schools I wanted to go to. I got accepted into Delaware State University and Long Island University in Brooklyn. I'm going for physical therapy and I took all the necessary classes to pursue that goal

Overall Experience   2016-05-01
everyone in the school have something to do in the school. theres so mush help, extra actives that we can do.

Academics   2013-05-01
AP and honors offered and classes are intense and challenging.

Academics   2014-02-01
I think the academics offered at my school is very good

Teachers   2013-11-01
teachers expect you to get things done and give time for work to be handed in. They don't want to fail but succeed. They don't want to see you in the same class for another year. They know what they are doing but sometimes they don't meet the needs of students who are lost inside the classroom.

Overall Experience   2016-03-01
I met some great people and the scool spirit is wonderful. Every sports team has supporters and almost everyone is in a club.

Overall Experience   2014-11-01
I have enjoyed my time in the district and really would not have had my high school experience any other way. The AP students are usually much more independent than the Regents-level students, but I believe that all strive to succeed, and that the teachers are willing to help whomever comes to them.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-10-01
Peer pressure is difficult to avoid at any high school, but you're bound to find your own clique. We are ethnically and racially diverse, accept different sexual orientations, and are overall open to anything. Sometimes students get too competitive, but at least religion is never a real issue.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-09-01
many people from all over do get along well. no one is left out

Teachers   2016-01-01
Most of the teachers I have encountered are always able to help out more than they have to. With advice about colleges or even just a listening ear.

Teachers   2015-12-01
Many of the teachers are nice and helpful as long are you are a good student and don't disturb the class etc.

Teachers   2015-05-01
There are a fair amount of teachers that genuinely go above and beyond their daily responsibilities to make sure students can prosper no matter what their demographic backgrounds are. However I feel as though some teachers just show up to do what is required of them according to their contract.

Teachers   2015-04-01
Out of a group of about 50 teachers, there will be 10 that are amazing and know how to do their job...

Teachers   2015-01-01
The staff at Amityville Memorial High school, are okay teachers. Most of them don't really care if the students succeed , but most of them however do care if the students do well. It depends on the student, if the student is determined and cares about their grade, efforts etc then the teachers involved. The teacher style is alright, the extra help sessions aren't so good the teachers don't really help they say "refer to your notes" how are notes supposed to help me if I'm attending extra help.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-06-01
The social scene at Amityville Memorial High School was like any other typical high school to me, there were different cliques with groups of people. It ranged from the popular kids to to socially invalid people. In my opinion a lot of students looked at people by appearance, if you didn't dress or look a certain way you were suddenly a social outcast to a certain group. Peer pressure wasn't really a big issue at Amityville because if you weren't a part of someones crew no one really had much to say to you, so therefore you were free to do your own thing as long as you stayed out of everyone else's way. Amityville High School tried to change that by a program we joined in where we would trade students for a day with another school and I can honestly say it worked out where everyone enjoyed the experience! Sexual orientation and race at Amityville hasn't really affected anyones social life because as long as you had your own crew of friends you became family to that crew! White or black, Hispanic or Asian, Green or Blue everyone was loved by their own crew.

Teachers   2016-08-01
It all depended on the you had. Some were nice and some were nasty

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
There could be more involvement between the parents and the school.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
It was pretty painful, but I got gratefully got through it.

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
My high school is one in a million. When I say one in a million I mean the teachers in my school are very loving and caring about students educations. The only thing that I would say I hate about my school is how every kid don't get along with one another.

Overall Experience   2013-03-01
I only attended Amityville Memorial High School for a year. When I came as a new senior, I was quickly welcomed and made many friends. Everyone knows everyone, and they're able to keep cordial no matter the disagreement. There are many after school activities and during school activities that we can join.I would do it all over again definitely.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-07-01
It wan't all about cliques.Everyone hung out with who they wanted to hang out with.people from different social groups hang out amongst each other.It's very diverse and cool.Every single person was different -culture,religion,looks,personality.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-11-01
Students are involved in school programs. Peer pressure can be avoided. Try not to be a follower but more of a leader to set an example. Your sexual orientation does not matter and is not looked down upon. there are black, Spanish , and white at the school.

Academics   2014-11-01
The school offers AP and college-credit courses in a variety of subjects, in addition to diverse electives. Rising seniors are the only group with much say in their course selection, but everyone can choose electives and talk to counselors about adding or dropping a course.

Academics   2013-11-01
In order to get good grades you should be in class at all times in order to a good academic record. Honor rolls are available for achievements of students also the honors club and Wac Pac

Teachers   2014-01-01
Some teachers seem to enjoy their job more than others, but most, if not all, of my teachers try their best to ensure that students have every opportunity to earn the grades they want.

Teachers   2016-04-01
Some teachers are really great but some teachers dont try as hard to teach the material to the students.

Teachers   2016-03-01
Some teachers are amazing but some are just there not really trying to get to know students.

Academics   2013-03-01
I believe more Ap/Honors classes could be available and SAT prep should be implemented for these kids. Most people in this district can not afford outside SAT Prep but the kids could benefit from it, not just online prep.

Educational Outcomes   2015-04-01
I do not feel as if many of the students are prepared for college.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
Because the school is so small you get that family feel to it and your kinda accepted by everyone

Overall Experience   2013-11-01
The teachers want you to learn and to do well. There is a new principal so now its stricter than last year. The kids give it a bad name. You should be focused on good attendance and doing your work.

Overall Experience   2013-12-01
The school district overall isn't preparing all kids for college. The resources aren't there for example SAT prep courses and people in this area can't afford to pay $1000for SAT Prep. Most teachers do care and are helpful, administration needs to press the rules for everyone and follow through with consequences. More need to be done to help these kids understand that they are greater than their environment. Too many teen pregnancies every year.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-08-01
Peer pressure is a big thing in society. Peer pressure happens in my school, a lot of people smoke weed in the bathroom and don't even care about their education and I realize a lot. It starts at a young age and the under class kids learn from the students in higher grades.

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