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Principal : William Galati
Total no of students : 410
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : HIGH
Student Teacher Ratio : 13
Start Date : 09/06
End Date : 06/23
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Teachers   2014-03-01
Very intelligent, personal relationships with the students. Friendly, Good variety of personalities and nationalities.

Teachers   2014-01-01
Most of my teachers try hard to making learning fun, different, and effective.

Teachers   2015-04-01
I have enjoyed my teachers in Southold High School. They are all very friendly and approachable, and I would not be afraid to go to extra help if I needed it.

Academics   2013-12-01
The teachers are easy to get along with and always willing to get personal help. There are many options for students falling behind. Many interesting classes are offered to students.

Overall Experience   2016-03-01
I loved going to Southold. It's small and comforting and what makes it unique is the quality of our drama club.

Overall Experience   2013-03-01
We have a close knit community in and out of school. My favorite times were spent with the drama club and on spirit days. This is a good school and I would go here again.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-03-01
By senior year most students in my grade have grown out of their biases, however homophobia is visible among younger students. Students are very involved in a variety of clubs.

Academics   2014-03-01
It would be great if Southold offered more elective options and eliminated study halls.

Overall Experience   2015-06-01
Overall it's an average school with a tight knit community. The teachers know every student and care about their students and their success. The school is not too strict and allows the students to become involved in the school.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
I survived high school at Southold.

Overall Experience   2014-11-01
Our school is really small, less than 400 high schoolers enrolled, and therefore does not have a lot of the resources of other schools. However, it creates a community environment and the teachers really get to know the students.

Overall Experience   2014-03-01
Student body is small so there is little variety in whom you meet every day.

Overall Experience   2013-06-01
I had enough opportunities but nothing amazing.

Teachers   2015-02-01
Most teachers will go above and beyond to help students out.

Teachers   2016-03-01
Most of the teachers are very friendly and have interesting lessons. However, they are not always consistent with their grading.

Teachers   2015-04-01
Really it depends on the teacher as an individual. Some teachers are the best while others are the worst. Social Studies: Satiago-best Carver-best Sadowski-okay English: Ellwood-best Rooney-great Sabatello-never had Spanish: Krupski-great Luce-best Gilmore-never had Math: Bumble-worst Derrigan-best Schade-okay Tully-great okay Science: Baglivi-great Charo-never had Rich-okay Palermo-bad

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-03-01
Peer pressure is immense. small school with caddy clicky girls

Academics   2014-01-01
Because my school is so small, there are very few class choices and the popular ones always end up with people not getting in to them.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-06-01
No diversity and no acceptance for Spanish people.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-03-01
Unfortunately in this small school it is very challenging to make friends. Most of the students have known each other since pre-school. Diversity here is none existent. Majority of the students are caucasian and less then two percent are from other ethnicities.

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